CentreCOM MX10S (AT-MX10S) ve 210TS Transceiver

Ethernet 10Base-2 Ethernet AUI (MAU), 10 Mbps
CentreCOM MX10S AUI to Ethernet Transceiver,
Part Number: MX10S AUI (DB15) to 10Base2 (MAU) Transceiver, Coax interface
Part Number: 210TS / 210T AUI (DB15) to 10BaseT (MAU) Transceiver, RJ-45-to-AUI Micro Transceiver with Twisted-Pair Interface

Micro-transceiver, 10Base2(BNC)

- BNC ve AUI bağlantıları vardır.
- İnce Ethernet kabloyu 185 metre’ye kadar destekler.
- İki renkli LED Display SQE/Heardbeat-Test ve voltaj kontrolunu gösterir.

The CentreCOM Micro Transceivers are 10Base-2 and 10Base-T compliant transceivers designed to reduce Ethernet cabling costs. Compact size allows these transceivers to connect directly to the workstation, bringing thin Ethernet or Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) wiring directly to the workstation. With UTP and inexpensive coax network media, distances up to 100 meters between workstations can be supported using UTP, and up to 185 meters using coax. On all models Signal Quality Error (SQE)/Heartbeat test can easily be enabled or disabled via an externally accessible switch. Additionally, all models have integral jabber lock-up prevention circuitry and a loopback function. This function emulates coaxial media where transmitted packets are looped back to the receive side. Local Area Network (LAN) controllers can use the loopback feature to determine if a Media Attachment Unit (MAU) is connected and operational
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